Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Melbourne Fringe Festival time!

Good evening internet, sorry about the lack of progress with on 'The Man who lost his mind' but recently all my free time has been funneled into the fringe. This year I've worked on four posters for comedy acts playing as part of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe.
Some very good and also explosively hilarious friends of mine, that I'm always excited to work on projects with. So what are these posters and where can you find more info on the acts they are associated with? Scroll on kind reader.

Stories, Jokes, Guided Meditations, Music, Musac and The.
‘Irrelevant humour at its best’ - Herald Sun

Check it out and buy fistful's of tickets here.

Before .ppt file extensions and digital projectors, there was only one 'slide transition' option and it was 'eventual'. A dusty, darkened stand-up comedy about storytelling, family and memories of nights spent on the couch reliving memories of days spent elsewhere.

Find out more about Andy Matthew's symphony of slide here.

Join us on an absurd odyssey through a corporate behemoth; an inter-departmental review of management structure in a vertically integrated, horizontally disintegrating, top-down, bottom out business nightmare.

If MC Escher drew the corporate ladder it might go some way to helping understand this play.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this one.

Check it out here.

Archibald Wheeler knows two things: He dacked Hitler in ‘42, and his son is a muppet.

Whets the Whistle is a character-laden, song-fuelled sketch of paternity through the eyes of a slightly deluded digger.

Performed by Patrick Miller and directed by Al Newstead (Al’s Music Rant).

I missed Pat's show in the comedy festival earlier this year so I'm pretty happy that I'm in the country this time round.

Check it out here.

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