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Melbourne international comedy festival 2013 Posters

This year for the comedy festival I created some posters for some very funny people.  As much fun as I had performing last year, being a regular old punter is pretty fun.  Every one in Melbourne should definitely check out these shows.

Andy Matthews & Tony Besselink - Achieve Nothing

Some are born with nothing, but Andy Matthews (Audience Choice Sunday Showdown 2012 Melbourne Fringe) and Tony Besselink (Winner Sunday Showdown 2012 Melbourne Fringe) have achieved nothing.

Pat Miller - CHAOS

Chaos is a shiny new comedy from Patrick Miller, creator of Archibald Wheeler Whets the Whistle (2011) (★★★★ The Age).
Ever heard of Chaos Theory? Nah, me neither. And this show will definitely not explain it. Or will it?

(Photo by Sam Rankin)

You and your housemates survive the apocalypse, do you:
A. Drink all the milk before it expires
B. Form a New World Order
C. Kill them before they kill you

Abel Seaman - ART ART ART

There have been 105 billion people alive over the course of history.
Some of them have been better than others.

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchalls - Trying Hard

Canadian-Australian stand-up and sketch comic Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall has a humourful show about trying to do what you want despite the grinding devastation of reality.

This show promises to be better than sitting home alone thinking about death.

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Sticky Zine Fair

Two weeks ago my fiancee and I packed our bags full of zines and dollar coins and headed down to the Melbourne town hall for the Sticky Zine fair.

We both had a great time chatting with people and browsing zines. I was selling the latest edition of my sketch book zine "Sketchy Sketch" as well as a short collection of comics called "Everything I touch turns to dog" and Amy had 'Build yourself a clothes forest' an activity zine created for her friend Zanna.

I also drew this guy.

If you want a much better description on the fair check out Nerd Burger and Little Big Things
which said some very nice things about our zines.

Sketchy Sketch